IEEE International Conference on Communications, Control, and Computing Technologies for Smart Grids
31 October – 3 November 2023 // Glasgow, Scotland

CFP Control and Operation

This symposium will discuss new research in the theory and practice of control and operation systems, particularly for the smart grid and related cyber-physical systems. This will include new frameworks, methods, and simulators for centralized and distributed monitoring, operation, control, optimization, and protection, as well as their applications to transmission and distribution systems.   

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:  

  • Distributed control and/or decentralized monitoring and decision making:  
  • Dynamic state estimation  
  • Distributed control algorithms and their applications for voltage and frequency control  
  • Resilient, robust, scalable, and cybersecure control methods  
  • Machine learning for power system and microgrid control 
  • Microgrids and renewable energy integration and grid services:  
  • Integration of renewable energy resources at both distribution and bulk transmission systems  
  • Integration and aggregation of distributed energy resources (DER)  
  • Provisions of behind-the-meter DERs for grid reliability and resilience  
  • Mitigation of renewable source variability  
  • Reliability and resiliency services provided by DERs and microgrids 
  • Microgrid optimization and control  
  • Pricing scheme design for electricity market with high penetration of renewables 
  • Analytical computing tools for control and operation:  
  • Cyber-physical system modeling, operation, and co-simulation  
  • Probabilistic stability analysis  
  • Cybersecurity vulnerability assessment, mitigation, and defense  
  • Micro phasor measurement units (PMU) applications  
  • Power electronics and devices for grid applications:  
  • Grid-forming inverter applications  
  • Virtual inertia emulation techniques  
  • Stability assessment and control algorithms for power electronics-dominated systems  
  • DC distribution systems and DC microgrids 
  • Power-electronics-enabled transactive energy market design 
  • Protection and fault management:  
  • Protection for low-inertia systems and microgrids 
  • Operating strategies during emergencies, islanding, and black start 
  • Restoration  
  • Utilizing grid-forming capabilities for protection