IEEE International Conference on Communications, Control, and Computing Technologies for Smart Grids
31 October – 3 November 2023 // Glasgow, Scotland

CFP Data Analytics and Computation

This symposium will focus on exploring the role of data in supporting smart grid functionalities, including smart grid communications, smart control and distributed computing. Interested authors are invited to study how data should be collected, processed, and analyzed for addressing modeling, optimization, and control challenges in emerging smart grid applications. These applications include electric mobility, renewable energy integration, demand response, energy Internet, smart homes, smart cities, and net-zero systems. Data sources could include phasor measurement units, smart meters, intelligent building sensors, electric vehicle travel and charging data, and substation data. We particularly welcome papers proposing novel use of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to address issues related to the reliability, efficiency, security, and cyber security of relevant smart grid systems. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:  

Data collection and management strategies:  

  • Strategies for wide-area monitoring and visualization   

  • Distributed and cloud architectures 

  • Open data and sharing of real-world database 

  • Secure data sharing structure  

  • Reliable and privacy-preserving data storage  

  • Wireless or wired communications for data collection 

  • Blockchain technologies  

 Data Analytics and distributed/cloud computing:  

  • Electric vehicle travel and charging behavior analysis and forecasting 

  • System state estimation  

  • Data-driven demand response  

  • Reliable and privacy-preserving analytics and operations  

  • Data-driven monitoring, protection, and control of smart grid  

Emerging applications of data analytics:  

  • Power-grid transmission, distribution system, and micro/mini/nano grid automation  

  • Energy Internet and peer-to-peer energy trading  

  • Resource aggregation (renewables, electric vehicles, flexible demand, etc.)  

  • Smart buildings/houses/homes  

  • Smart and dynamic pricing  

  • Digital twins and predictive maintenance  

  • Metaverse applications in smart cities and smart grid  

  • Net-zero and carbon-neutral systems